About Us


Studio Pet Photos – photography that inspires life.

ANIMAL ADVOCACY We support rescue groups, shelters, and other animal welfare groups in our Southern California locale by offering complimentary photography, workshops, and digital imagery for their fundraisers with the united goal to save more lives.

PURPOSE Quality photography for shelter pets can make a huge difference in getting them adopting quickly and saving their lives. As we know, many shelters still use an antiquated euthanasia system and healthy animals are sacrificed everyday due to overpopulation. Shelter pets’ lives are literally numbered by the day.

OUR ART LICENSING JOURNEY We hope our pet photography will inspire the world to have compassion, empathy, care, love and respect for all animals.. We believe our photos can help inspire people to foster pets, volunteer in shelters and donate to save more lives.

Studio Pet Photos

Our rescue pet images can facilitate change through compassion and conversation.


If you would like to make a real impact on homeless pet adoptions…

Video above KITTY PLAYTIME filmed in photographer Kelly Richardson’s home kitty room.

As a volunteer for pet rescues, We have witnessed first hand the positive affect professional photography can have on adoptions. We want to share our hopeful, loveable imagery of pets with the world to encourage future adoptions, love, care, protection and support. We hope you will join us to support the cause!